A Marriage Made in Taste Heaven: Salt Meets Sweet

Somewhere along the lines, people figured out that salty and sweet foods can be great together.

Maybe it was whoever came up with milk chocolate covered pretzels, or the creator of salted caramel, or even the first person to dip a French fry into their milkshake.

That’s to say nothing of classics like peanut butter cups or more adventurous concoctions such as chocolate covered bacon.

We know these pairings taste good, but why? Read on to learn the science behind the heavenly marriage of salt and sweet.

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Give Thanks for Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Turkey

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we’re of course thinking about candy.

True, it’s not really a candy holiday (there’s not a lot of talk about “Thanksgiving candy” the way there is about Easter or Halloween candy), but it’s a time to remember what we’re grateful for, and today we’re giving thanks for chocolate.

And it’s not just because chocolate pays the bills around here. We’d like to think we’d be grateful for chocolate even if it wasn’t our livelihood.

In this blog post, we’d like to share some of things that makes our favorite food so great.

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